Thursday, 2 January 2014

2014 Goals

Happy New Year to every wonderful and flawless human being that reads my blog! I know I am at a weird spot in the blogosphere, kind of floundering toward being a 'running' blogger but with still not the vaguest clue what I am doing and unable to provide any of you any guidance or advice. However, I hope you all continue to enjoy reading about my ridiculous adventures.

I'm going to try and set some CLEAR and SUCCINCT goals for the year (with clarity and brevity being two things I forever struggle with):

* Complete 10k race in March
* Be able to run 10k with zero walk breaks (Am realistic enough to know this may not be possible before the race - but is the goal for the end of the year)
* Start doing more of other kinds of exercise other than running
* Enter ballot for Royal Parks Half Marathon. Go with whatever card fate deals me on that one
* Avoid going more than two consecutive weeks without doing any running

* Eat more fruit and vegetables - the aim is to get my 5 a day 5 days out of 7
* Drink more water
* Continue to never try chia seeds
* Eat the food I WANT when I WANT IT. Nothing is off-limits, nothing is banned. If I want a burger, GET THE BURGER. Basically - have a healthy relationship with food, as a starve/binge cycle is not doing anyone any favours (I have pages, and pages, and pages of thoughts in my head that I could write about this - but I'll save it for a more pensive day)

* Try to be nicer and stop using humour as a shield
* Take my makeup off at the end of the day at least 6 days out of 7 (I am currently AWFUL at this)
* Cut down on use of taxis
* Continue to have a positive relationship with my own self-image.

I'm going to have to start 'properly' training for the 10k pretty soon (EEK) and will be writing up my ridiculous attempts all up on here. x

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